Fearless – Part II

Part II

             It is when we look deeper that we realize that there are more basic fears, almost constant fears that are more painful and more severe than even superstitions. Those fears are the fear of being alone, unloved, or unaccepted – or even worse the fears of being unlovable or unacceptable. From when we’re still little children, we’re begin to try to fulfill society’s definitions – at that age it’s what it means to be a “big boy” or “big girl”. From that age we start measuring ourselves against visions of what we should be and we take our shortcomings hard.

 We call these fears insecurity and most everyone in the world suffers from them. Truly accepting God and Satpurush removes these fears and thus makes us fearless. The paramhansas’ celebration of fearlessness also includes this definition.

 Anathapananu menu utaryu, sada thaya sanath…

The spurs about my being husbandless have fallen away; I am eternally married to my Lord.

 When speaking of attainment, the paramhansas often use the analogy of woman who has finally found a great husband to be her lord. According to the beliefs of that time when a woman married a man, she gained protection, a person who could stand up for her honor and interests. This sense of protection is the cause of the fearlessness we addressed in the first part of this discussion. But a woman gains more than protection in a marriage; she also gains a person who accepts her and loves her as she is, someone who stands by her and supports her progress.

It is when we apply this part of the analogy to our discussion of fearlessness that we attain a deeper understanding of how Maharaj and Swami make us fearless. In attaining Bhagwan Swaminarayan and Pramukh Swami Maharaj we gain someone who accepts us with our flaws and supports and encourages us as we strive to improve. No matter how many mistakes we’ve made, no matter how much we have sinned, he is willing to accept us as his and forgive us. Gunatitanand Swami says, “Bhagwan to jiva gunna samu jotaj nathi, ne jo koi jiv hath jodi ne kahe ke ‘hu gunnegar chhu’ to Bhagwan tena guna maaf kare chhe.” ‘God does not look at the faults of jivas and if a jiva fold his hands and says “I am a sinner”, God forgives him.’ But why such compassion? Because as Swami says in his talks, “We think that we love God, but God and his Sant loves us more.”

All of us experience this on some level. We know our own flaws and Pramukh Swami Maharaj knows them as well. He knows our conscious and unconscious thoughts yet never has he made us feel that he knows. He has never judged us or refused us. We’ve written him thousands of letters confessing our flaws and yet he has written with patience every time and greeted us with a smile at each meeting. When we worry what the world will say about our body, our clothes, our wealth; Swamishri looks past all of that and see us as souls filled with potential divinity. When we don’t believe in ourselves, he does. We never feel unloved or unaccepted in front of him; we never feel unlovable or acceptable in front of him. It is this aspect of fearlessness that makes the paramhansas’ celebration completely relevant even today.


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