Prayer for Mealtime

The ‘Shrimadsadgun’ shloka that we say before meals doesn’t effect me much and does make me feel anything about Maharaj and Swami. Most probably because I don’t know what it really means. I’ve started adding this short prayer after saying the shloka to really make those few seconds worthwhile.

“Thank you Swami for accepting me as you child and for caring for me and nourishing me beyond what I deserve. May you accept this food through me and gift me the strength to serve you better.”

Bon appetite!


One Response to Prayer for Mealtime

  1. Shan Patel says:

    Jai Swaminarayan
    I am sure you have contact with P. Santos…
    I was in the same shoes you were in until…I had P. Santos clarify the meaning for me…It is a wonderful shlok created by Brahmaswaroop Shastriji Maharaj…and I didn’t write down the explanation because I know that the P. Santos in your respective center can better explain it…if you do not have P. Santos who can explain it to you…then let me know…via email.
    P.S. your prayer is good and I mean it no harm all I am saying is shloks are there for a reason and we should respect that reason.right?
    Jai Swaminarayan

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