Hi, I’m Atma

Hi I’m Atma. How do you do?

You do see me? Or do you?

Look inside, this body’s heart,

I’ve been right there right from the start.


I’m smaller than an atom

And brighter than the sun.

My light is bright but it doesn’t burn…

Because, I’m Atma and forever fun.


I’m made of happiness and jolliful joy.

Smiles and giggles and laughter, oh boy!

No bully or joke, no words or deeds,

Can possibly change old merriful me!


Yes, I’m Atma and I’m powerfully strong!

I’ve been elephants and lions, devas and kings!

If I wish and work hard, I can do anything!

Nobody or buddy, can ever rule me,

My mind, my heart, all listen to me!


Oh I’m Atma and incredibly intelligent!

Brilliantly brilliant and smartly smart,

The knowledge of worlds, lies right in my heart.

Given time to study and churn,

There’s nothing that I cannot learn.


You see I’m the Atma, and I am eternal!

I will not die and was never born.

I change through lives like clothes out worn.

And while death is not something that I ever fear,

I’m careful of all that I do, think or hear.

Nice things bring nice, bad things bring bad,

And things done for God, make Him very glad.


I am the Atma, oh, yes I am.

And I am pure, like a pearl in a clam.

No wants or demands, no worries, no fears,

No fights, no screams, and not even tears!

Evil and sadness are never inside,

Because inside, does God reside.


So I am Atma and you know me well.

Now join me for a powerful spell.

Place a finger on your heart.

And with pride, let’s start:


I am Atma, and I am happy and smart,

I am not this body, but live in its heart.

I am eternal, powerful and incredibly strong,

I am pure and I will never do wrong.

I am all of this and so much more,

For God resides inside my core.


Now all of this may seem hard to master,

So here’s something that’s easy and faster.

Just tell yourself every day,

“My guru is my atma in every way.

All I want to be is him.

All I want to see is him.”

If that much you can remember,

There is nothing more for you to master.


I am Atma and so are you.

Now gone on and be the best you.


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