To Us Life Just Happens…

An interesting thought to help understand the Satpurush:

For Us Birth, Life, and Death are things that just happen to us; all we can do is make the most of them. For God and the Satpurush – the sant who in whom God lives completely – Birth, Life, and Death happen at their will and by their choice.

Every moment that the Satpurush is on this Earth in his present form; every second that he has to suffer an ache, a cold, a surgery, or worse; every breath he takes is a choice. He could simply give up this form and it sufferings to experience nothing more than the joy of his Brahmswarup self but he chooses to stay for us. He could simple live on in the form of the next Satpurush but he keeps the present form because he knows we are attached to it and by our love for him we will grow our love for God. When we fully understand that every breathe he takes is one more breath that he hasĀ chosen to take for us, we truly understand his grace and his love for us.